Dec 1, 2016

WTBC – A Place to Belong!

Are your plans for college not working out the way you thought they would? Are you stuck taking courses that won’t contribute to your career? Do you feel lost in the crowd and need more personal attention? Maybe you enrolled in college expecting one thing and got another.  Maybe you went away to college and want to come back home. Maybe you just need a different type of college to fit your schedule.  At West Tennessee Business College, we understand the challenges of attending college and working and taking care of a family.  We understand that not every student has the freedom to live on campus and devote four years to only schoolwork.  We understand that you want the best possible training in the least amount of time so that you can get to work as soon as possible in a fulfilling career.

Higher education generally works well for traditional students – the teenage student who can live on campus and devote the next four years to his or her studies.  But what of the non-traditional student?  This may be the adult who is juggling a job and a family and who may not have been in a classroom in a long time.  Or it may be the student who tried college, decided he or she wasn’t ready, and is coming back to the classroom after a break that may have been longer than intended.  These students do not fare nearly as well in the traditional higher education settings.  According to Inside Higher Education, these non-traditional students make up almost 70% of the students who are attending college in the United States today, and yet only a third of them graduate.  Why is this?

One reason is scheduling.  The non-traditional student is often balancing a job, a family, and school.  These students need more flexible scheduling to meet their obligations and be successful.  Another reason is that this type of student needs to see coursework related to a chosen career path.  If they are seeking a career in medical assisting, they want to take courses that directly relate to preparing them for that goal.  In addition, these students may need career guidance and some assistance in how to look for and land a job.  They want to not only successfully complete their programs but to know that they have the tools, the information, and the support they need to put their training to use when they have become certified in their field.  And finally, many of these students are looking for a place to belong.  They want to feel that they have found a place where friends are easily made and where instructors truly care about their success. 

Consider this…West Tennessee Business College may have just the career program you are looking for, and we can meet the needs of the non-traditional student.  We have small class sizes, instructors who care, and we offer courses that will fit your career plan without a lot of the extra fluff.  “Your success matters” is not just a slogan for us!

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