Sep 2, 2016

Trina Porter-Bartlett – Sept. 2016 Day School Student of the Month


Congratulations to Trina Porter-Bartlett who is our Day School Student of the Month for September.  Trina is not only an excellent student, but she is the first one to volunteer to help others who may need a little help or encouragement.  Her sunny disposition and can-do attitude make her a joy to be around.  More than one instructor recommended her for Student of the Month, which speaks very highly of her attitude and her hard work.  Staff and faculty say that Trina is enthusiastic and eager to learn, and they are amazed by all that she has accomplished. Trina is completing our program in Medical Assisting, and she will be ready to begin her externship in the early spring.  We know that she is off to do great things, and we could not be prouder of her!

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