Department of Student Services

student services

The Department of Student Services team members guide students from the time they enroll at West Tennessee Business College until they graduate and start their exciting new careers.

A purposeful campus culture has been developed to engage and retain students. Student Affairs team members are available to coach students dealing with life and academic issues.

Professional development programs and activities designed to enhance a student’s learning experience will help prepare them for gainful employment. Although securing an employment position cannot be guaranteed by any educational institution, the Student Services Department assists students and graduates with resume and cover letter development, professional image, interview techniques, job search and other services to help them obtain employment.

The Student Services Department achieves and maintains an outstanding graduate and in-school employment outcome for all programs.

Vision Statement

The Department of Student Services uses innovative approaches for student centered initiatives that foster individual leadership and community citizenship. Student Services is dedicated to advocacy and progress to meet the changing needs of our diverse students, alumni, and community.

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