Admissions – Admissions Requirements

West Tennessee Business College admits students who are serious about their education. At West Tennessee Business College, we enroll graduates! No one wins if you don't finish!


Personal Interview

An admissions representative will interview applicants. At WTBC, we treat each applicant as an individual. We prefer to talk one-on-one with each applicant to establish the applicant's educational needs.


Applicants are required to take the CPAt (Career Programs Assessment Test) and meet the required score for their areas of training.

High School / GED

Applicants must provide proof of high school graduation or successful completion of a GED.


Applicants should come directly to the College to fill out an admissions application. We would like for you to visit our College and see that we are different!

Upon successful completion of these requirements, applicants will be officially notified of their acceptance into the College.