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If you are a prospective or currently enrolled student and have a question regarding financial aid, please contact our Financial Aid Department.

Brandi Slaughter | Financial Aid Administrator |

West Tennessee Business College offers several different ways to fund your education, most of which are listed here. Review these options and contact us for more information.

Apply for Financial Aid

We encourage all students to apply for aid. The process begins by a student receiving a financial aid packet. These are forms that ask some basic questions about you, your income, and whether or not you have ever attended any other institutions. These forms include a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a Verification Worksheet, and an Institutional Financial Aid Application. A student then meets with a financial aid counselor who goes over the forms to make sure the information is complete. The counselor then processes a "Needs Analysis" to see what type of aid the student is eligible for.

Note! The forms listed above (FAFSA, Verification Worksheet, Institutional Financial Aid Application, and Need Analysis) are used for all of our diploma programs. They are not used in our short term programs as these are cash based programs.

Financial Aid Website Links

There are basically four types of aid:


Money that does not need to be paid back. There are two types of grants: Federal and State.


Money that must be paid back. According to the type of loan, these must be paid back beginning at a certain point (typically, your payments begin 6 months after you finish your program). Repaying loans offers a great opportunity for students to start building good credit.

Apply for Scholarships

WTBC offers three institutional scholarships, which are discussed in detail on our scholarships page. Click here to visit that section of our website.

Application Deadlines

When applying for Federal and State Financial Aid, it is very important to submit all applications before established deadlines (i.e. to be eligible for state grants, the FAFSA must be submitted by May 1st each year.)

Veteran's Training

All of our programs are approved for Veteran's Training by the State Approving Agency.

Other Payment Options

If you do not qualify for financial aid, you can make monthly payments on your account while you are in school. We offer this interest-free option for students who pay their balance off while they are still in school. We also have an external financing option available to students who qualify. This option offers students a little more time to pay off their tuition balance. The student makes monthly payments and also incurs some interest.

Additional Planning Tips for Entering School

Take time and plan your monthly budget. Even though you may receive full financial aid to cover your school tuition, you still need gas money, childcare money, etc. Try to consider all the expenses that are involved. The more planning you do on the front end, the better you will be adjusted once you begin classes. (secure babysitters, surround yourself with positive people, etc.)   Get your "support system" in place. Our staff can be a great support system while you are at school, but you must plan for the times when you are not at school.

Refund Policies

The amount of federal money which can be dictated by the Dept. of Education's Return to Title IV Policy. Secondly, West Tennessee Business College's institutional refund policy is computed to assess the student's tuition obligation to the school. For more information on these refund policies, please contact the Fiscal office at the school.