Feb 9, 2017

EKG Technician – a great career choice!


So why should you consider becoming an EKG Technician?
EKG Technicians receive specialized training in order to test a patient’s cardiovascular performance using EKG equipment. Many times these positions are located in a hospital setting, but clinics have them as well. As an EKG technician, you would be attaching electrodes to a patient’s body and recording the electrical impulses of the heart so that a physician can analyze the data and make a proper diagnosis. It helps to have a background in health sciences, but it’s not mandatory. Most programs train technicians in a matter of weeks rather than years, and for that reason, it is an excellent way to change careers or add training to an existing degree. Some students even complete this program in order to find work in order to put themselves through continued education toward a degree in nursing or other medical field. The EKG Technician courses at West Tennessee Business College prepare students to take the certification exam (the CET – Certified EKG Technician) at the end of their training, and this certification is required by most employers to be able to perform these types of procedures. The job outlook for EKG Technicians, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is expected to grow 24% between 2014 and 2024 (https://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/diagnostic-medical-sonographers.htm), and the salary range is well above minimum wage.
So what is a day like for an EKG Technician? Typically, the EKG procedure is completed in a separate room just set aside for this purpose. After attaching the electrodes to the patient, the EKG Tech must monitor the equipment and make sure that it is functioning properly as well as make sure that the electrodes remain attached in the proper location. The actual test only takes five to ten minutes, but then the technician must prepare a printout for the physician. There may be other clerical tasks related to the patient’s chart for the EKG Technician to complete, but otherwise, it’s time to prepare the room for the next patient! While these technical aspects of the job are critical, it is also important that the EKG Tech have a high level of interpersonal skill. Interacting with patients, many who may be anxious or not feeling well, is a very important part of being successful in this career, and for this reason, it is advised that students should assess their own ability to communicate clearly with and have an interest in people before considering a career in EKG technology.

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