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Medical Office Specialist/Medical Billing Specialist

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017


Do you know one area of the labor market that is growing much faster than average?  It’s the field of medical office management.  In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s expected to grow at a rate of more than 17% over the next ten years, which is considered to be much faster than the average for other occupations.  Due to a large “baby boomer” population and the fact that people are staying active longer, the entire healthcare profession is expected to see an increase in demand.  So how can you tap into this market in the least amount of time possible?  Come join us at West Tennessee Business College and enroll in either our Medical Office Specialist program or our Medical Billing Specialist program.

Here are some common questions you may have:

What is the difference between these two programs?

The Medical Billing Specialist focuses on organizational skills with relation to insurance and billing duties in a medical facility.  There is more emphasis on billing, electronic health records, and insurance, and students learn proficiency in these areas.  In addition, there is coursework on Anatomy and Medical Terminology so that the Medical Billing Specialist can provide accurate information on all paperwork.

The Medical Office Specialist focuses on overall office management and customer service.  There is more of an emphasis on administrative skills including Microsoft Word and Excel and oral/written communication.  This program ensures that students are skilled at general office procedures and performing other administrative roles as needed to keep a busy medical office well organized and functioning smoothly.

How long are these programs?

The Medical Billing Specialist program is approximately 55 weeks long, and the Medical Office Specialist program is approximately 60 weeks in length.  In either program, students take only one course at a time for five weeks so that the entire focus is on one specialty at a time.  In addition, we keep class sizes small so that students get personal attention and the assistance that they need to be successful.

Is there Financial Aid available for either of these programs?

Yes!  We do offer financial aid for qualifying students.  We have a Financial Aid officer on staff, and we handle all of our financial aid right here on campus.

How often do classes meet?

Our courses meet four days a week or four nights a week, whichever fits best with your schedule!  The day courses meet Monday through Thursday from 8:30-1:00, and the evening courses meet Monday through Thursday from 5:30 – 10:00.

April Student of the Month

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Shea King  We are so proud to announce Wanda Shae King as our Student of the Month for April.  It is always an honor to be recommended for this recognition by your instructors, and they think the world of Shae!  One of her instructors remarked that Shae is extremely smart, works very hard, and rarely misses class.  She is a joy to have in the classroom and is always willing to help other classmates and take part in campus activities.  She only has three more classes to go before she completes her program, and we are confident that she will be an asset to whatever employer is lucky enough to hire her! Way to go, Shae!

March Student of the Month

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Julie Haynes Please join us in congratulating Julie Haynes, our Student of the Month for March.  Julie was recommended by several of her instructors for being an excellent student and for always being willing to help others.  One of her instructors says of her, “Julie is extremely bright, hard-working, rarely has ever missed any class time (only due to caring for grandparents), skills are top notch, and just the model student. She comes to class early prepared for her test or skills…and often studies with others before class to help them.”  We are so proud to call Julie one of our students and know that she will be successful in her future endeavors!  Congratulations, Julie!

EKG Technician – a great career choice!

Thursday, February 9th, 2017


So why should you consider becoming an EKG Technician?
EKG Technicians receive specialized training in order to test a patient’s cardiovascular performance using EKG equipment. Many times these positions are located in a hospital setting, but clinics have them as well. As an EKG technician, you would be attaching electrodes to a patient’s body and recording the electrical impulses of the heart so that a physician can analyze the data and make a proper diagnosis. It helps to have a background in health sciences, but it’s not mandatory. Most programs train technicians in a matter of weeks rather than years, and for that reason, it is an excellent way to change careers or add training to an existing degree. Some students even complete this program in order to find work in order to put themselves through continued education toward a degree in nursing or other medical field. The EKG Technician courses at West Tennessee Business College prepare students to take the certification exam (the CET – Certified EKG Technician) at the end of their training, and this certification is required by most employers to be able to perform these types of procedures. The job outlook for EKG Technicians, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is expected to grow 24% between 2014 and 2024 (, and the salary range is well above minimum wage.
So what is a day like for an EKG Technician? Typically, the EKG procedure is completed in a separate room just set aside for this purpose. After attaching the electrodes to the patient, the EKG Tech must monitor the equipment and make sure that it is functioning properly as well as make sure that the electrodes remain attached in the proper location. The actual test only takes five to ten minutes, but then the technician must prepare a printout for the physician. There may be other clerical tasks related to the patient’s chart for the EKG Technician to complete, but otherwise, it’s time to prepare the room for the next patient! While these technical aspects of the job are critical, it is also important that the EKG Tech have a high level of interpersonal skill. Interacting with patients, many who may be anxious or not feeling well, is a very important part of being successful in this career, and for this reason, it is advised that students should assess their own ability to communicate clearly with and have an interest in people before considering a career in EKG technology.

So what is an Administrative Assistant anyway?

Friday, January 13th, 2017

When asked about their dream job, not many people respond with Administrative Assistant. What does Administrative Assistant even mean?  Specifically, what does it mean to be an Administrative Assistant in today’s business world?

Not many people see the position of Administrative Assistant as one that is particularly rewarding or exciting.  However, when you look at what an Administrative Assistant really does, it actually has many of the attributes that we hear when people talk about a dream job – flexibility, variety, a solid starting salary with lots of room for growth, and the ability to help people.

Do you want a job in which you get to interact with different people, where no two days are ever exactly the same, where you get to learn new things and assist in making sure that an office runs smoothly and efficiently? Do you want to work directly with managers, supervisors, executives, and directors and to actually be an integral part of seeing a business succeed?

At West Tennessee Business College, our Administrative Assisting program provides students with the tools and expertise necessary to be an Office Professional.  Although the term “administrative assistant” is frequently associated with the idea of what used to be called a Secretary, our program is really quite comprehensive.  Although our students do learn things like proper telephone etiquette and communication skills, they also end the program equipped with a thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Power Point and Access.  They can balance books, design spreadsheets, create brochures, file and organize paperwork, deal with billing and payroll, and do most of the necessary tasks to see that an office is successful!

Average pay for an administrative assistant is near $13 per hour, but many administrative assistants who work hard, learn new skills, and remain with a company are able to advance to more executive positions and many times end up in supervisory roles earning closer to $20 – $30 per hour!  According to many articles, skill level is the biggest differentiator in pay.  Students who complete our program have many of the skills that are in high demand in today’s job market – things like being able to design an Excel spreadsheet or create a newsletter, prepare a Power Point presentation, or conduct a virtual meeting using the right technology. In fact, successful businesses rely heavily on well trained, highly skilled administrative professionals.

One final tip:  Follow your interests to specialize in a particular area. Are you fascinated by legal issues?  Interested in the world of medicine? Insurance? By focusing on a particular field and learning all that you can, the likelihood is increased that you will earn more in a faster period of time and actually enjoy your work.  There is a great variety out there, and chances are, if you accept a position in a field that you enjoy, you can become indispensable to a company, business, or firm.

WTBC student Brandon Pearson

WTBC student Brandon Pearson

Perks of an Externship

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

One of the biggest benefits in choosing WTBC is our Externship Program.  When you complete one of our full course programs (Medical Assisting, Medical Office Specialist, Medical Billing Specialist, or Administrative Assisting), your last five week module is an Externship.  During this five week time period, you will be placed with an employer that matches your training, and you will gain valuable real-world experience in your field.  During this time, you will have the support and assistance of our Placement Director, and you will receive help with interview skills, resume creation, tips for success in the workplace.  Most schools do not have an externship program like this, but we think it’s so important for our students to be able to spend time practicing their skills and gaining experience in their field.  The externship is a bonus on their resume, and they can share with potential employers what they learned during the experience.  Quite a few of our externs are actually hired directly from their externship, and area employers love this program!

Meet Hunter. He is currently working in his externship after completing the Accounting/Bookkeeping program and loves the experience he is getting.  He reports that he has put many of the skills he learned in the classroom to excellent use in his externship, and he feels so much more confident in his abilities.  He is actually completing an externship at two different locations, which is unusual, but employers were so impressed with his education and knowledge that they jumped at the chance to have him on board!  During his externship, he has been visited on site by Katie Pace, our Placement Director, and he has the support of our Placement Team while he is completing this program.  When he is finished, he will work with Ms. Pace to get his resume into the hands of West TN employers who are eager to hire well trained, certified students.

img_6842bWest Tennessee Business College is SO much more than a school.  We are a TEAM that is behind you every step of the way, and we love nothing more than to see our students complete a program that they enjoy and enter a new career that they love.  If you are looking for a new opportunity, give us a call!

WTBC – A Place to Belong!

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Are your plans for college not working out the way you thought they would? Are you stuck taking courses that won’t contribute to your career? Do you feel lost in the crowd and need more personal attention? Maybe you enrolled in college expecting one thing and got another.  Maybe you went away to college and want to come back home. Maybe you just need a different type of college to fit your schedule.  At West Tennessee Business College, we understand the challenges of attending college and working and taking care of a family.  We understand that not every student has the freedom to live on campus and devote four years to only schoolwork.  We understand that you want the best possible training in the least amount of time so that you can get to work as soon as possible in a fulfilling career.

Higher education generally works well for traditional students – the teenage student who can live on campus and devote the next four years to his or her studies.  But what of the non-traditional student?  This may be the adult who is juggling a job and a family and who may not have been in a classroom in a long time.  Or it may be the student who tried college, decided he or she wasn’t ready, and is coming back to the classroom after a break that may have been longer than intended.  These students do not fare nearly as well in the traditional higher education settings.  According to Inside Higher Education, these non-traditional students make up almost 70% of the students who are attending college in the United States today, and yet only a third of them graduate.  Why is this?

One reason is scheduling.  The non-traditional student is often balancing a job, a family, and school.  These students need more flexible scheduling to meet their obligations and be successful.  Another reason is that this type of student needs to see coursework related to a chosen career path.  If they are seeking a career in medical assisting, they want to take courses that directly relate to preparing them for that goal.  In addition, these students may need career guidance and some assistance in how to look for and land a job.  They want to not only successfully complete their programs but to know that they have the tools, the information, and the support they need to put their training to use when they have become certified in their field.  And finally, many of these students are looking for a place to belong.  They want to feel that they have found a place where friends are easily made and where instructors truly care about their success. 

Consider this…West Tennessee Business College may have just the career program you are looking for, and we can meet the needs of the non-traditional student.  We have small class sizes, instructors who care, and we offer courses that will fit your career plan without a lot of the extra fluff.  “Your success matters” is not just a slogan for us!

October Student of the Month

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Our student of the month for October is Laurine Moore.  Laurine is a student in the Medical Billing Specialist program, and she is almost ready for her Externship. A former “day student,” Laurine has recently switched to night classes, and both day and evening instructors are highly complimentary of her academic abilities and her attitude. She is positive and upbeat, and she is always the first one to offer assistance when it is needed. One instructor remarked, “She ALWAYS has a big smile on her face and is a joy to have in the classroom!”  We are so proud to call Laurine one of our students at WTBC – please join us in congratulating her!

College Night at the AMP

Friday, September 9th, 2016
College Night at the AMP

College Night at the AMP

Attention current, former, or potential West Tennessee Business College students – we would like to see YOU at the AMP in downtown Jackson on the evening of September 23 for College Night at the AMP.  There will be music, food trucks will be set up, and WTBC will have a tent to represent our school.  Come join us!

September Night School Student of the Month

Thursday, September 8th, 2016
Night School Student of the Month for September

Night School Student of the Month for September

Congratulations to Christina Buckingham, who is our Night School Student of the Month for September.  Kristina is in the Accounting/Bookkeeping program, and her instructors “rave over her”!  She has excellent attendance and such a positive attitude, and she is always willing to help her fellow classmates.  We are so proud of her and so glad that she chose West Tennessee Business College for her education.