Aug 15, 2016

Career Education & Training Day


Get ready for Career Education & Training Day #CETDay #ICHOSECAREERED
Career Education & Training Day is a celebration of opportunity, achievement, overcoming obstacles and new beginnings for the almost 2,000,000 students in Career Training programs across the country and for all the other members of this rewarding, heart-warming community who come together for one purpose – To Change Lives!

On August 16th, we will celebrate together as a national community dedicated to self and community involvement! Tell us your story!

– Students: What is your dream and why did you pick a career college to help you achieve your dream?
– Faculty and Staff: Why do you do what you do every day?
– Alumni: How has your education helped you in your career? Did it change your life?
– Employers: How do these skilled graduates help your business?
– Agency Partners: What is your favorite student story?

Thank you for being a part of this rewarding and heart-warming community!

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